“Our flavors are inspired by, and our ingredients are sourced from, different areas of North Carolina...from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks,” says Chef Victoria Macdonald, founder of Raleigh Biscuit Company. When she founded RBC in October of 2020, her goal was not only to create artisan biscuits and jams utilizing recipes and techniques of days past, but to also promote the vast array of culture and agriculture that North Carolina has to offer. This is accomplished by sourcing local ingredients as well as collaborating with other local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Victoria graduated from pastry school in 2016, and from there evolved from baking primarily sweets to focusing on her artisan biscuits, which led to the founding of Raleigh Biscuit Company. It started with a classic buttermilk biscuit, dubbed the Clayton, after the town in which Victoria resides. From there she developed the summer inspired Outer Banks, a zestful lemon biscuit served with a side pairing of lemon curd. It was the foundation of the Clayton though that inspired her to branch out and develop more flavors, inspired by various North Carolina locations.

Raleigh Biscuit Company strives to continue broadening people’s palettes by using unique ingredients and techniques to put new spins on a tried and true Southern classic.